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Virtual reality- The Beginning

Although I doubt this will be the last post you read about virtual reality, but if it is your first, allow me to use this chance to briefly introduce you to the technology and where its heading.


The phrase “Virtual Reality” was first used in 1938 by a French dramatist to refer to the deceptive nature of theatrical characters as “la réalité virtuelle.” Science fiction writers have long fantasized about the realisation of this original concept, but until recently, the lack of cost-effective display and processing capabilities stopped the technology from progressing in a satisfying manner.


Virtuality—including augmented reality, virtual reality, and everything in between—is one of the three key factors that will drastically alter our way of life over the next ten years. In the year  2016 a virtual reality race between three major competitors began and is being cautiously watched by the tech industry. Sony is making a strong showing in the gaming industry. With a lower price tag, “PSVR” seems like it might take the lead. HTC’s “Vive” costs bit higher and includes motion-tracking and room sensors for a more immersive experience. And in the middle, there is “Oculus VR,” which Facebook purchased in 2014 for $2 billion.


Following the announcement, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wrote, “We believe that one day, this kind of immersive, augmented reality will become a part of daily life for billions of people,” but it is still unclear whether Oculus’ high price will facilitate or impede widespread adoption of VR for the general public.

~Manav Dham~

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